Term and Condition

  1. Toys may only be hired by Kerikeri Toy Library members who have paid in-full;
  2. All outstanding Toy Library debt must be settled before toys may be borrowed;
  3. Toy Library membership is per immediate family i.e. primary caregiver(s);o
  4. Companies or organisations using the Toy Library will be non-duty members;
  5. Under your membership allocation members are entitled to borrow up to 5 toys for a two week period (exceptions: x3 jigsaws count as one item, x2 dress ups count as one item, x2 puppets count as one item and x2 board games count as one item);
  6. Additional toys over your membership allocation can be borrowed at a cost of $1.00 per additional toy;
  7. Battery operated toys have a charge of $2.00 per toy to be paid on issue;
  8. The member is responsible for toys after leaving the premises. Please notify the librarian of any missing toy piece(s) on the day of hire to avoid fines;
  9. Toys can be reserved at a cost of $1.00 per item and must be collected at the next library session following notification that the toy is in stock;
  10. Toys can be renewed once on the membership website or emailing the Toy Librarian on kerikeritoylibrary@gmail.com. However, a toy may not be renewed if it is reserved by another member;
  11. Toys are considered overdue three (3) days after their due for return date. Overdue toys are charged at the rate of $1.00 per toy per week;
  12. All toys and equipment must be cleaned before they are returned in accordance with the Kerikeri Toy Library cleaning guidelines. A charge of $5.00 applies to any item that is returned dirty;
  13. Toys are checked on return to the Toy Library. Missing pieces are normally charged at $2.00 to $5.00 per piece (this is credited to your account if the piece is found within one month). Note: if the piece is particularly expensive, members will be charged the full cost of replacing that piece. If the toy is deemed unusable due to the missing piece(s), members will be charged the replacement value of the toy as assessed by the Kerikeri Toy Library Committee;
  14. Toys that are irreparably damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be charged the replacement cost of the toy as assessed by the Kerikeri Toy Library Committee;
  15. Kerikeri Toy Library will carry out all toy repairs and battery replacements. Members should not attempt to do this themselves;
  16. Members are given fair notice when toys are due and overdue. In the event the Toy Library is required to retain a debt collection agency to recover toys and/or monies owing, the member is liable for collection fees;
  17. All duty members are expected to fulfil their library duty throughout the year. Failure to do so will result in the member being invoiced $40 to become a non-duty member;
  18. Respect the Proctor Library environment and show consideration when passing through the Library with toys and/or children;
  19. Do not bring sick children into the Toy Library. Toys or equipment used by sick children should be disinfected prior to return;
  20. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure the appropriate toys are chosen for children;
  21. The Kerikeri Community Toy Library takes no responsibility for any damage or injuries to any person or property caused by its toys or equipment;
  22. In accordance with the Privacy Act, members’ details will not be shared with any other parties. All information is confidential and for Toy Library purposes only. However, in the case of non-returned toys your details may be given to a Debt Collection Agency to retrieve property belonging to the Kerikeri Toy Library;
  23. The Kerikeri Toy Library reserves the right to cancel membership with no refund if a member fails to comply with these rules;