Membership Options

Members pay a subscription fee for access to the Kerikeri Toy Library. This fee means you can borrow up to 5 toys from the library for two weeks at a time. You can choose from the following Membership Options:

$100 annual subscription plus 2 volunteer sessions per year (20% discount applies if you signup and pay online).

$140 annual subscription with no volunteer duties.

$60 for 6 month membership plus 1 volunteer session (20% discount applies if you signup and pay online).

$80 for 6 month membership with no volunteer duties.

$40 for 10 weeks with no volunteer duties.

$25 + $50 bond for temporary 4 week membership with no volunteer duties.

Membership payment can be made by cash or direct debit: 12-3091-0090876-00 (use surname as reference). You will be asked to provide ID and proof of address before borrowing any toys. Please remember these on your first visit to the Toy Library.


Additional Charges:

You can hire additional toys over your membership allocation of 5 for $1 per additional toy.

Some toys carry a battery charge of $2 (clearly marked).

Overdue toys cost $1 per toy per week. 

Toys can be reserved at a cost of $1 per toy. We will hold the toy and call you when it’s in stock.

Lost or missing pieces usually cost $2-$5 per piece. If the toy is deemed unusable due to missing pieces, or the replacement part is very expensive, you will be charged the full replacement value of the piece or toy as assessed by the Kerikeri Toy Library Board.

Broken Toys will be charged at full or half of the replacement cost of the toy. Consideration is given to the age and condition of the toy. There will be no charge if the break is a result of normal wear and tear.

Toys must be returned clean. There is a $5 charge for returning dirty toys. Please check toys for warning labels prior to cleaning.