TS109: Emergency Services HQ

Emergency Services HQ photo
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  • Category: TS
  • No Pieces: 53
  • Manufacturer: Hape
  • Age: 3 - 5 years


Explore the role of the emergency services in our community with this realistic and feature packed set. With many moving parts, this resource is perfect for both solo and group play where children have multiple components to engage with such as opening cages and doors, sirens and moveable ladders. The HQ roof has a working siren and flashing light. Made of wood, metal and plant based plastic. 


1 x Station building (battery powered lights and siren)
1 x Satellite dish (yellow)
1 x Stairs (blue)
1 x Opening bridge (red)
1 x Pylon bridge (red)
1 x Fire engine
1 x Police car
3 x Figurines (police, fire fighter & criminal)
1 x Freight train
2 x Train carriages
2 x Carriage loads (gold and box)
2 x Carriage covers
14 x Road tracks (plastic)
10 x Wooden rail tracks
6 x Pylons (gray)
2 x Trees
1 x Fire
1 x Hand radio
1 x Loud hailer
1 x Fire extinguisher